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  • Static HTML to PDF Conversion
  • Control the style, sizing, and layout of documents
  • JS Rendering for dynamic pages
  • Templates to HTML API
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  • Static HTML to PDF Conversion
  • Control the style, sizing, and layout of documents
  • JS Rendering for dynamic pages
  • Templates to HTML API
  • Premium Support

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Additional Functionality

JS Rendering

Render on-page javascript so you don’t have to worry about using your own headless browsers.

Residential Proxies

Seamlessly switch to residential proxies so you don’t need to deal with multiple proxy venders.


Easily geotarget 12 countries, with 50 more available upon request, so you can get accurate and localized information.

Anti-Bot Bypassing

Need to scrape a website that is protected by a difficult anti-bot? Then let our team tune our proxy pools or develop a custom anti-bot bypass that allows you to scrape the data you need.

Dedicated Support

Get a dedicated account manager and a direct support channel with our engineering team to make sure the API always meets your scraping requirements and troubleshoot any issues you may have.


How much does it cost to convert the Web Page in PDF?

Our Web to PDF tool is a free to use tool with the help of which you can convert any webpage to PDF within seconds or absolutely free..

How much time does it take to convert a web page to PDF?

On an average the time for converting a webpage to a PDF comes out to be a few seconds.

Does the speed of conversion of a Web page to PDF depend upon the speed of my Internet?

No, the conversion takes place at our servers so the speed of conversion is totally dependent upon the server speed. We use premium servers for the conversion purpose so the conversion takes place at very high speed and gets done in a few seconds only.

Does the font of the webpage remain the same after conversion of it into a PDF?

Yes the conversion doesn’t alter any of the properties of the Webpage during the conversion. All the fonts, colours, and other properties of the webpage remain the same even after the conversion.

How is HTML to PDF different from Web to PDF?

HTML to PDF and Wen to PDF are the two names for the same thing. All the webpages are made using HTML.

How does HTML to PDF conversion take place?

HTML to PDF conversion uses our custom made HTML to PDF conversion API to convert any webpage to a PDF file which can then be downloaded by the user

Is HTML to PDF conversion API safe to use?

Yes, HTML to PDF conversion APIs are very safe to use. The URL of the Webpage and the PDF file both are deleted from our servers as soon as the user downloads the PDF after getting it converted.

Does HTML to PDF conversion take place in my PC/Laptop?

No, The Webpage to PDF conversion takes place on our cloud servers and not on your PC/Laptop.

Is HTML to PDF converted file Virus free?

Yes, the PDF files generated from HTML are completely virus free and safe to use. The files are generated at our server and a direct download link is created for the user to download those PDF files so there is no third party involved in between so the files are completely safe to share and use.

For how long do the servers retain the PDF files generated from Webpages?

The PDFfiles remain for only that much time till the user has not downloaded the PDF Once the user has downloaded the files then the files are automatically deleted from the servers.

Can I use your HTML to PDF APIs for my project/website?

Yes, anyone can use our Web to PDF conversion APIs for their website or project after getting permission from us.

How do I access your HTML to PDF conversion API?

You can always fill the contact us form or contact us at the email provided in the contact us page to get the API for your use.

Is the HTML to PDF API in PHP?

Yes, the HTML to PDF conversion API is available in PHP. We have sample codes or PHP as well as other languages too. You can find the the code snippets on our site