“A simple, scalable API for capturing
screenshots of any URL with various options
to suit your needs.”

Test the API with 300 free requests and upgrade if it meets your needs.

300 Free Credit per month

You can obtain a screenshot of any web page
with a single API call.

doneEvery time, you get pixel-perfect website screenshots.

doneSimple integration, powerful features, and infrastructure

Our Google Chrome-powered Screenshot API allows you to instantly obtain a screenshot of any web page as a jpeg, png, or PDF file with embedded links, which you can easily integrate into your product or use for any other business purposes.

Specify No. of screenshots

Proxy Management

Priority Assistance

of IP Address

Our API can process millions of screenshots per month, and our plans can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

What our Screenshot API has to offer-


Under the hood, we use Headless Chrome to render pages the way you see them.

Lambda on AWS

AWS Lambda serves Surepass screenshot API; you won’t have to worry about scaling.

Mode of Stealth

Our API behaves similarly to a regular Google Chrome, so websites will not regard it as an automated process.

Viewport Customization

Full-page screenshots, mobile versions of websites, or even custom content can be specified.


We have an ad-blocker built-in, which allows us to take screenshots without making unnecessary noise.

The Dark Mode

Take screenshots of websites that are in dark mode.

Get Started With
Screenshot APIs


Website Snapshots

Using our free website screenshot api, you can save snapshots of your website over time. Thumlapse is a fantastic example of our technology in action!

Site previews

If you allow your customers to create their web pages, use our screenshots to show them a preview of their work.


For those who perform SEO for their clients, use our free screenshots to demonstrate that they are receiving the linkbacks and rankings you claim

Security Appliances

Are you blocking an email or a website because it could be dangerous? Use our screenshots to allow your customers to view the content as a safe image.

Responsive Design / Mobile Emulation

Use our free screenshot API to test sites on various devices. Visit StayResponsive to see our technology in action!

Full Page Screen Capture

Using our API, you can take full-page screenshots entirely automatically. Save time and money by automating your workflows with our API