Convert PDF to Excel in a blink.

You can instantly convert your documents from PDF to Excel files with this online tool. All data, including sheets, tables, rows, and columns, will be kept in their original format.


PDF to Excel

convert your document from PDF to excel


  • Accuracy of conversion

Solid Documents has worked with us to assure the quality of our conversion algorithm. You’ll be able to resume working on your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in seconds.

  • OCR stands for optical character recognition

Documents that have been scanned are not a problem. This free tool uses the most up-to-date OCR technology to convert text and figures from PDFs into editable Excel documents.

  • Cloud conversion that is safe

Our cloud servers convert PDFs in real time and delete them one hour after conversion. You can use any web browser and operating system to access our platform.

  • Every size is acceptable

NoCodePdf can parse files up to 5GB in size to handle huge datasets. You can also save multiple PDF files to Excel format at the same time if you have a Pro membership.

Conversion in the offline mode

If you want to convert PDF files locally, check out the desktop version of NoCodePdf. It includes all of the useful resources we have online, as well as a free PDF reader for all of your PDF needs.


How to Convert a PDF to an Excel Spreadsheet Online:

  • To use our PDF to Excel Converter, simply drag & drop your file into it.
  • OCR will be activated automatically if the file is a scan.
  • Allow NoCodePdf to reassemble the file into Excel format.
  • Obtain the converted file and save it to your computer.


Is NoCodePdf Free?

Absolutely. There’s no need to enter an email address or sign up for any free trials. Here are a couple more of our helpful tools for managing your documents:

  • PDF to Word – converts PDF files to Word documents.
  • Other formats, such as PPT, JPG, and Excel, can be converted to PDF.
  • Reduce the size of PDF files by compressing them.
  • Combine PDFs by merging them.

And there are plenty more on our webpage.


Is NoCodePdf Safe?

Yes, absolutely! NoCode is safe In fact, it’s because of this that we’ve amassed such a massive following. SSL connections are used on the online domain to ensure that your papers are saved. In addition, each hour after the processing is completed, we delete your documents from our AWS servers.

Your documents are processed offline by the NoCodePdf Desktop programme, so PDF and Excel files never leave your PC in the first place.

Finally, the internet service may be utilised on any operating system, including Mac, Windows, and Linux, to convert PDF files to Excel format. To do so, all you need is an internet connection.

Remember that you may convert PDF to other formats for free without using a converter using NoCodePdf. From our homepage, you may get a complete list of our product capabilities.

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